Flashing CM11 (M6) to my Samsung Glaxy S3 (i9300)

May 5, 2014

I’ve been running CM10 on my S3 for over a year now. In the past couple of months, performance and stability have become really poor. There are weird stalls (especially on text input, Google Hangouts and the Gallery). These range from 3-5s to 30s at times. Rebooting my phone never helps. I tried the “empty file creator” technique which is meant to help with SD card fatigue, but I didn’t notice any difference.

When I originally flashed CM onto my phone, I put the latest version of clockwork recovery on my phone. That version is not compatible with CM11. Also, some folk claim that doing a full wipe is in your best interest when making this upgrade. Furthermore, gapps stability on CM11 has been reportedly poor.

Given the fact that my phone has been trending towards being unusable, I decided that I really didn’t have much to lose at this point. #yolo.

My first attempt was using the new-fangled CM installer available on get.cm. I followed the instructions but the Windows component wouldn’t install because it detected that there was a newer version. So, I went for the manual route.

This is pretty straight forward. The gist of it is that you need to:

I did this all from OSX (Mavericks).

Files needed

Grab the following:

Flash the latest version of clockwork recovery


Installing Cyanogen Mod v11 M6



So far I’m very happy. My phone is very responsive and I haven’t had any stalls or crashes yet. I had to install all my apps again, but that didn’t take too long. 10/10, would recommend.