An annoying XBMC feature

October 28, 2012

Pressing the \ key puts XBMC into ‘windowed’ mode. This manifests as your XBMC shrinking into the top left corner using about ½ the height and 1/3 of the width of your screen. Everything else is black. Restarting doesn’t fix it.

I sat on my keyboard remote yesterday and this happened to me. Restarting doesn’t restore it. It wasn’t obvious to me whether this was a X11 ‘feature’ or an XBMC ‘feature’ and searching for various things like ‘xbmc quarter screen’ or ‘xbmc zoomed out’ wasn’t helpful. I vaguely recalled having run into this before and that that \ key was involved but pressing it didn’t help me.

I figured out by using the ‘exit’ menu of XBMC to get to the login screen which was fullscreen. That narrowed it down to a XBMC feature. The XBMC keyboard shortcuts page was my next clue: I found that \ was mapped to window mode. Ahah!

I then used the trackpad on my remote keybaord to move the mouse into the XBMC window and then hit \. Tadaa.

This is a silly post but next time it happens to me hopefully it saves somebody else 20 minutes.